text and drive

Do you text and drive?

You cant tell people "Dont text and drive".
Its like saying "Dont drink and drive".
People are still going to do it.
It would be better to be realistic and say
"If you text and drive, you WILL crash your car".
If you have ten cars and $1,000,000 in the bank
then that might not be a big problem.
What you have to ask yourself is
"What would it be like to lose my car"?
or "What would it be like if my insurance payments doubled"?
or "What would it be like to sit in prison for years because I caused an accident that resulted in somebody getting badly hurt or KILLED"?
or "What would my life be like without a drivers license"?
all because I couldn't go without texting and driving!
Then if texting while driving is still important enough to you,
find someone else to drive so you can do your texting.

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