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Top Reasons BTO Sports-KTM Uses Galfer Brakes

Racing on the pro level is no joke. You need products that are designed to hold up in the heat of battle. The BTO Sports-KTM team riders of Andrew Short, Michael Byrne and Matt Goerke rely on Galfer brake components every race weekend because the team demands a high quality product that works. To understand why, here are the top reasons that the team uses Galfer brake components on their race bikes:

  1. High Quality - Galfer brake rotors may look like a typical motorcycle rotor, but that’s where the similarities end. Utilizing a proprietary steel that starts out as 420-high carbon stainless, Galfer brake rotors are parallel-grounded, heat treated and laser cut to ensure proper dimensions, unlike the competition’s stamped rotors.

  2. Weight – Galfer rotors are designed with crucial weight savings in mind without compromising durability. This means that you lose weight without fear of a mechanical failure.

  3. Lower Operating Temperature – Galfer’s proprietary steel that is used to make every rotor is specifically designed to dissipate heat build-up during excessive use. By designing in Galfer's Wave design specific to the inner and outer part of the rotor, heat build-up is significantly reduced. By design, there is less brake fade, thermal lock-up and inconsistent braking performance from the Galfer rotors.

  4. Consistent Operation – In the heat of the battle, the BTO Sports-KTM team cannot afford inconsistent braking and brake fade. This is why the Galfer Stainless Steel braided brake lines are used on their race bikes. The stock brake lines expand under pressure, which means a good portion of the effort from your hand doesn't even get to the caliper. Galfer’s Stainless steel brake lines restrict line expansion, which means your hand pressure goes directly to the caliper.

The BTO Sports-KTM team trusts Galfer brake components for their race bikes because they work. When you are racing for a championship, you cannot afford to have brakes that fade or overheat. Do yourself a favor and purchase Galfer brake components for your bike today!

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